Another Life - Peter Baron (download)

Another Life - Peter Baron (download)

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"Another Life",  Peter Baron started playing the drums in the early sixties, since when he has played many types and styles of music. In 1972 he became a member of Marty Wilde's band where he first met Brian Hodgson. This band went on to become Fatso, and with the arrival of Gerry Hogan ultimately became Hogan's Heroes.

As a result of the meeting with Gerry Hogan he soon started to play with Albert Lee, in the band that became Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes. This gave Peter more chance to exercise his vocal skills and although he is known primarily as a drummer, singing too has always been a passion. AL&HH recorded many CDs and DVDs during the nearly 30 years they were together and Peter was featured vocally on both these recordings and the extensive tours the band undertook.

Regarding his new solo album, Peter explains - 'Another life is what I got in 2016, when after nearly 30 years Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes decided to call it a day. It had been a great time in a fine band. We toured and recorded relentlessly during that period. For many years it had been my intention to record a solo album, but I had never before been able to afford the necessary time.

Following a fortuitous meeting with my old friend, guitarist and producer Kevin Healy it was decided we would work together on this project. In addition to contributing some great playing, Kevin engineered, arranged and produced Another Life at his GraceNotes Studio.

The album contains fourteen tracks, six of which I wrote with former Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes' keyboard player Mike Bell. We are both thrilled that they have finally seen the light of day.
The other tracks are either covers of lesser known, or previously unreleased songs by friends, colleagues and musicians who have been very dear to my heart.'

Peter Baron Drums, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Phil Cranham Bass Guitar
Chris Palmer Bass Guitar
Andy Pask Bass Guitar
Steve Pearce Bass Guitar
Paul Morgan Double Bass
Mike Bell Piano, Keyboards
Gavin Povey Piano, Keyboards
Chas Hodges Piano, Keyboards
Albert Lee Electric Guitar,Harmony Vocals
Kevin Healy Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Sitar, Synth
Shanks Putwain Percussion
Mike 'Ozzie' Osborn Percussion
Pete Beachill Trombone
Dave Bishop Tenor Sax
Bob McKay Alto & Baritone Sax
John Thirkell Trumpet
Phil Hopkins Harmonica
Jerry Douglas Dobro
Helen York Backing Vocals
James Baron
Backing Vocals, Rap, Harmony Vocals
Derek Holt Backing Vocals
Jimmy Johnston Backing Vocals
Lucy Baron de Moncesco Backing Vocals
Grace Healy Backing Vocals
Karen Healy Backing Vocals
Derek Holt Backing & Harmony Vocals
Andy Findon Flute, Piccolo
Anna De Bruin Violin
Vaughan Jones Violin
Reiad Chibah Viola
Julia Graham Cello



1 In Another Life
2 Earthbound
3 Baby Come Home
4 You Get What You Pay For
5 Heaven
6 Halfway Down
7 Merry Go Round
8 I Don't Understand
9 Little Things
10 Homefire
11 Country Club Cousins Buy>
12 Friends To Burn
13 The Ghost Is Laid
14 Take Me Where The River Flows