In Between The Cracks (download)

In Between The Cracks (download)

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"In Between The Cracks", amazingly only the second studio album by guitar legend Albert Lee and his UK-based band Hogan's Heroes over their nineteen-year existence, is the answer to many a fan's prayer, bringing together some fine new material with many of the much requested but hitherto unrecorded songs featured in the group's live set over recent months. It contains many lesser-known gems written by the likes of Jim Lauderdale, Bobby Charles, Boudleaux Bryant and Lieber & Stoller, the set runs the musical gamut - as one might expect from this most eclectic of acts - from the honky-tonk country of "Brand New Heartache", through the tender ballad "Only With You", to the New Orleans-style R&B of "Before I Grow Too Old". Naturally there's no shortage of Albert's trademark blistering guitar and his distinctive and underrated vocals, but "In Between The Cracks" also sees Albert at the piano for two standout tracks including the Everlys' "Sleepless Nights", and on mandolin for his solidly convincing take on the bluegrass favourite "Man Of Constant Sorrow". The spotlight also falls on both drummer Peter Baron and pianist Pete Wingfield, who impressively take over lead vocal duties for two songs apiece; Gerry Hogan gets to shine on his own flagwaving steel guitar showcase "Pulling It Off"; and bassist Brian Hodgson contributes a brace of classy originals to the mix. As if that's not enough, we're proud to say that an Eagle has landed! - that's right, none other than Timothy B. Schmit adds his trademark ultra-close high harmonies to "Man Of Constant Sorrow". And that's not all - by way of a bonus ball, guest Bobby Cochran also appears on his own "She's On Fire" (written with Brian) to serve up some blazing acoustic guitar in tandem with Albert's electric. Wild cards include the hard-rockin' Delbert McLinton opus "Every Time I Roll The Dice", a long overdue revival of the Coasters' tongue-in-cheek "That Is Rock 'n Roll", and perhaps most surprisingly, Elvis' "Don't", which Albert truly makes his own.

"In Between The Cracks" offers a bumper helping of Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes' distinctive blend of R&R, R&B and country and will surely delight all their faithful followers, as well as hopefully turning on many less committed listeners to the unsung Heroes in their midst. As the Coasters say, it'll really flip your lid!

Albert Lee Guitars piano vocals
Gerry Hogan Pedal Steel guitar acoustic guitar
Pete Wingfield
Keyboards vocals
Brian Hodgson Bass vocals
Peter Baron Drums vocals


Timothy B Schmit Vocals
Bobby Cochran Guitar



1 That Is Rock And Roll Buy>
2 Every Time I Roll The Dice Buy>
3 Hangin' On Buy>
4 I Can't Quit You Buy>
5 Brand New Heartache Buy>
6 Pulling It Off Buy>
7 Fool's Gold Buy>
8 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Buy>
9 Don't Buy>
10 Before I Grow Too Old Buy>
11 Only With You Buy>
12 She's So Hot Buy>
13 Wake Up Screaming Buy>
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